My baby is called W90.

Since I knew I would be going places because the bug has finally made its way to my heart, I needed a good camera to digitally capture my adventures. I wanted to be faithful to my ‘travel light principle’ so I crossed out a bulky dslr camera.

There are a lot of compact cameras to choose from, each highlighting a feature which would make you look closer to the item – and then stare at the tag price. Because I felt I would be in different places with varying conditions – hot, sandy, cold, wet – I decided to get a sturdy amphibian.


It's so outdoorsy I'm gonna die!

Meet W90.

As my brother have commented about my purchase on Facebook:

Pros: Legendary Pentax optics in a waterproof, shockproof, and freeze proof construction.
Cons: I heard it can be destroyed by lava. 😦


W90's baptism

He may be exaggerating, but I already tried placing W90 inside a bucket full of ice for 10 minutes, threw it over the shore in Magalawa, snorkeled with it, and captured images underwater.

W90 is cool. Whatchathink?


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