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I took this picture from a magazine while enjoying a cup of frappuccino. The article that came with it was shared by Ms. Pinky Peralta, principal designer of Creative Post, Inc. and owner of The Room Upstairs. It is the GO PACK method: Group Objects, Purge, Assign, Contain, & Keep it up. This method was my guide when I uncluttered my room last January. It was my motivation to start my travel light journey.

GO: Take objects out from where they are placed. Put them on the floor and group similar items.

P: Get rid of items that do not work anymore. Eliminate trash.

A: Decide which are for keeps, for donation, for recycling.

C: Don’t leave them on the floor. Get a rug, clean the containers (cabinets, boxes), put them inside neatly.

K: Keep it up. If not, GO PAC.

Note: Make a scrapbook – it’s a good alibi for not throwing things for ‘sentimental reasons’. πŸ™‚


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