Penang in less than a day

As of today, I only have one confirmed trip this month and it’s going to be hectic. How can I cover Penang (Malaysia) in less than twenty-four hours?

I booked three seats with Cebu Pacific Air for a three-day visit to my cousin who is now working in Penang. I’m going with my mom and my cousin’s mother. Our itinerary receipt says we’ll be in Kuala Lumpur on March 22 at around 1350H. Then we’ll board an Air Asia flight that will arrive in Penang at around 1745H. Because my mom wants to see Kuala Lumpur, we have to leave Penang on the 23rd at 1455H. In short, the two of us can only stay in Penang for only twenty-one (21) hours.

I made some research and wanted to do the following:

  • See the snakes in Chor Soo Kong Temple – Viper snakes slither on this temple to protect the deity Chor Soo Kong, a healer.
  • Pay homage to Thee Kong Tua – I am fascinated to Taoism, so I have to see this temple dedicated to the Jade Emperor or the supreme ruler of heaven.
  • Pray at the Kek Lok Si Temple – Also known as the Temple of Supreme Bliss, this is the largest Buddhist temple in Malaysia. It houses the towering statue of Kuan Yin, the Goddess of Mercy.
  • Ride a trishaw around George Town – This is a Unesco World Heritage Site. I have to see it.
  • Walk along Gurney Drive and eat hawker fare.

I hope we can do everything in this short list.


Update! Here’s what happened.

1. Penang, Malaysia: Hutton Lodge and Nasi Sotong


26 thoughts on “Penang in less than a day”

  1. have a safe travel nel. Pls. also take Buddhism as one of your alternative subject for learning. Taoism and Buddhism were almost related in teachings. Consider also the Confucianism. Good luck to your journey to “middle heaven”.


  2. If time won’t allow you to accomplish all these activities in 21 hours, you have to choose the top three activities that you really want to accomplish. If there would still be enough time for the remaining activities, consider it as a bonus.

    Have a safe flight with your mom and aunt. 🙂


  3. when there’s a will, there will always be a way! looking forward to your posts here! at least may reference ako in case i go there! 😀


  4. make the most out of the trip. i always believe it’s never about how you long you spend in a place, it’s how you spend the time you have. Enjoy Penang! Savor the delicacy, immerse in the rich culture and well, wander and walk.


  5. Hey Nel! Sayang onti lang time niyo sa Penang. It’s one of my favorite places in Malaysia.

    I ran your wishlist with my friend who lives there and here’s his suggestion:

    Head straight to Air Itam for Kek Long Si and Thee Kong Tua. If you want to try a local favorite, eat asam laksa from this famous stall in Jalan Pasar (Air itam market). Then head to Gurney drive for dinner. Walk off the calories down the Esplanade, or party/drink the night away in Upper Penang road.

    Start early the following morning with a trishaw ride around Georgetown, stopping for more hawker food along the way. Before heading to the airport, drop by the Snake Temple (it’s just 5 minutes away)

    Hope this helps 😀


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