Half day tour: Camara, Capones, Nagsasa, Anawangin

Sunday morning. The waves are calm and ready to take us to a wonderful journey on the islands and coves of Zambales – Camara, Capones, Nagsasa, Anawangin.

Camara Islands is the nearest from Pundaquit. It took us around 30 minutes to reach these small, twin islands.

We did not dock at Capones Island because it will take an hour of hiking to reach the lighthouse. I just took a picture and promised myself to return.

The sea was calm when we started sailing towards Nagsasa Cove, the farthest spot from Pundaquit. The ride got bumpy when we were twenty minutes away from the paradise because the wind coming from the mountains are against our direction. It was worth it; the view of the lagoon and the sculpted mountain is just breathtaking.

On our way back past noon, we briefly stopped at Anawangin Cove. First to become popular among the other coves, it was filled with campers when we arrived. One nice jump shot for a fun family trip.

Departure from Pundaquit: 0630

Arrival at Pundaquit: 1300

For boat trips, contact Mike Bactad at 0928 340 5136 / 0927 780 1312

Victory Liner Caloocan passes through San Antonio, Zambales daily.


23 thoughts on “Half day tour: Camara, Capones, Nagsasa, Anawangin”

  1. HI. Yung boat trip ba ni mike exclusive lang sa inyo or may kasabay kayong iba? ok ba yung boat baka kasi yan ung walang bubong tpos maliit na boat.


    1. Camara Island is a small twin island. Kuya Mike, our boatman, said it is not advisable to camp there; the shore is too small for camping. There are rock formations that you can try climbing πŸ™‚ Maganda rin sya kahit maliit. Camara yung isla na agad makikita mula sa Pundaquit beach.



    thank you for visiting our place… it is our pride na kilala na ang pundakit..

    anyway to those who want to visit pundakit cove and island we want to help you, text me 09193910016/ 09228788756 so i can assist you with your trip.

    joan perea..


  3. Been there last March and feels great to be back. Too bad I haven’t seen the lighthouse due to wave concern. We only docked at the front are of Capones Island but it’s all good. Till next time perhaps but I had a great time enhancing my photo shoot skills.

    Thanks for sharing.


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