Penang, Malaysia: Hutton Lodge and Nasi Sotong

Penang, Malaysia welcomed me with gloomy skies. I boarded the bus bound to George Town together with three other companions while scanning the free map I got from the airport.

We alighted when we reached Komtar Tower, Penang’s tallest building. I was hoping to get a free shuttle ride from here to Hutton Lodge in George Town but my companions were too tired to wait in the bus stop. I suggested we try the trishaw as this is included in my list of things I want to do in Penang. Then rain poured.

So off we go in a cab with a useless taxi meter. Taxi fares in Penang are almost always haggled because rates are so low that drivers won’t earn if they use it. I told him to drop us off at Hutton Lodge.

Hutton Lodge

It was raining heavily, and the sight of our abode for one night gave me a sense of serenity. It was exactly what I have reserved on their website.

If not for hunger I could have slept right away because of exhaustion. But I only have a couple of hours to enjoy what Penang has to offer, including food.

Nasi Sotong

It was nine in the evening when we placed our orders in a local eatery just outside the lodge. Every viand was red signifying spiciness. I pointed at the squid.

It was still raining hard but I sure felt hot.

The next day, we had a walking tour of George Town.


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