Penang, Malaysia: Walking Tour of George Town

That Nasi Sotong I devoured last night has kept me full until I went to the veranda for the free breakfast. Nothing spectacular except for the chance to meet and chat with fellow guests of the lodge. Here I met a Singaporean who is very eager to revisit the Philippines. She only stayed in Baguio during her trip in the ’70s.

We left Hutton Lodge at around 9am. That was late. I have to let go of some sites from my list so we can be at the airport by 2pm.

We started walking along Jalan Penang, occasionally stopping for pictures.

We reached our first stop at the corner of Lebuh Buckingham. This is Masjid Kapitan Keling, the first mosque in Penang built by Indian Muslims in the 19th century.

Next stop is the Mahamariamman Temple along Jalan Masjid Kapitan Keling, the oldest Hindu temple in George Town.

At this time, I thought of how easy it is to navigate around this quiet town of Penang. The Goddess of Mercy Temple dedicated to Kuan Yin was on the same street as well. It was Kuan Yin’s birthday when we visited.

We walked some more until we reached St. George’s Church, said to be the oldest Anglican church in Southeast Asia.

Then the skies opened and showered a blessing – a local who offered a free tour of Penang’s other attractions.


Penang, Malaysia: A Guided Tour


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