Penang, Malaysia: A Short Guided Tour

I never thought of joining a holiday tour in Penang but something to that effect occurred while I was there for a short stay. A local offered his time and showed us some attractions Penang has to offer.

Sight-seeing while in a bus, he pointed out old buildings that may be interesting to me, such as the oldest market in town.

The bus rolled along quiet streets, stopping occasionally for passengers. We alighted after a few minutes. He decided I should see the Yap Temple.

“Can you stand the heat? We can walk from here to see our temple.” And then the discovery. He was a descendant of the famous clan in Penang. Here is their temple, the Leong San Tong Khoo Kongsi Temple, Penang’s Heritage Jewel.

I was fascinated. He went inside for free, gave me some historical information about the temple that I cannot relate with, and moved around the temple grounds knowingly.

“Come on, I have another temple to show you.”

This was the last temple we visited in Penang, the Hock Teik Cheng Sin Temple.

It was almost noon when we walked towards the end of our tour.

Sun Yat Sen Penang Base

Penang Islamic Museum, 19th Century Muslim Residence

George Town World Heritage Inc. Building

Li Teik Seah Building

Queen Victoria Memorial Clock Tower


Grateful for accompanying us around, we took him for lunch at Tom Yam Kota.

“Thank you for the tour. May the gods bless you.”

He bowed and smiled.


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