Penitensya on a Good Friday

Holy week.

Being predominantly Catholic, many parts of the Philippines observe the holy week with utmost reverence that some Filipinos find it incomplete without self-flagellation.

Flagellants call it Penitensya. As defined in, penitence means regret for wrongdoing, and a person performing penance under the direction of a confessor is a penitent. I don’t think penitents are instructed to be flagellants. Also, some of them do it not for repentance, but in gratitude for an answered prayer. Either way, I have yet to see a flagellant woman.

I saw this on our sixth Church for Visita Iglesia before heading to Hundred Islands in Alaminos, Pangasinan. I wonder how Good Friday is observed on other parts of the Philippines. What traditions have you observed during Holy Week?


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