Isdaan Restaurant and Tacsiyapo, Tarlac City

Heading north? Have your stopover at Isdaan Restaurant in Gerona, Tarlac. It’s a resto-park where you dine inside nipa huts ‘floating’ on a man-made pond filled with colorful koi.

It’s halfway to the north if we are talking about Manila to Baguio. Most buses that ply this route don’t come here for their quick stop. Its main target are travelers on private vehicles.

Children are required to wear life vests upon entering its premises because the pond is 6 feet deep. Food is mainly Filipino (sinigang, torta, inihaw) with a little inclusion of Japanese (teppanyaki, tempura, sashimi).Β  Fruit shakes are available too depending on the season.

Isdaan Restaurant also houses Tacsiyapo, that plate-smashing, anger management activity targeting different characters in your life that is sure to amuse first time visitors of Isdaan. It’s a good come-on for guests of the resto-park. Price depends on what item you want to smash on the Tacsiyapo wall.

Next time you’re northbound, have your stopover at Isdaan Restaurant. It’s a good place for a serving of Filipino food.


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