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How About Solo Travel

So now that I am hungry for more adventures, I am seriously thinking about going on a solo travel. I am getting all the inspiration from different blogs that I have been reading. It’s amazing how these people are going places living unconventional lives. Looks tough but hey, they are seeing the world one place at a time. Here are some of them:

  1. Wanderlass Travels
  2. Adventurous Kate
  3. Crazy Sexy Fun Traveler
  4. Nomadic Matt
  5. Nomadic Chick
  6. Just Wandering

I am looking into traveling solo for a week just to try it out. I can’t be away from home for a long time; that needs intelligent planning. I want to know how it is to travel solo. Would I get scared? Lost? Carried away? Have fun? I want to try living independently, even for just a week. Who knows, maybe after this, I get to figure out how to live my life away from the norm.

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