Fast-paced Hong Kong

Coming in from Manila, we sleepily arrived in Hong Kong at eight in the morning. The drowsiness was short-lived though; the train ride and long walk from the arrival area to the immigration counters were enough to awaken our spirit and boost our excitement. Amused with the setup of the Hong Kong International Airport, I suddenly remembered a friend’s account of how he was temporarily held at the immigration office for some interrogation. I brushed the thought off, thinking I am safe because I am traveling with my mother for a very short holiday. True enough, our passports were stamped ‘valid to stay for fourteen days in Hong Kong’.

We hopped on a double-decker bus and took pictures along the way to Tsuen Wan. We passed by the Tsing Ma bridge that links Lantau Island to the New Territories. After checking-in at our guest room in Tsuen Wan, we got into one of Ngong Ping 360′s cable car for the Ngong Ping Village and the Tian Tan Buddha Statue. It was a calorie-burning adventure that pushed us for a Hong Kong food trip (egg balls, fish balls, siomai, dumplings, cervelat sausages). We capped our first night with a slow walk along Tsim Sha Tsui, a photo op at the Clock Tower, and a Victoria Harbour cruise for the Symphony of Lights.

The next day started with a food trip in a small ‘No English’ restaurant; I ordered food by pointing at an adjacent table’s meal. Satisfied with delicious servings, we hopped on Hong Kong’s fast and efficient train and was surprised to find ourselves in Kowloon’s business district. More photo ops came until we needed to go back to Tsuen Wan to catch our flight back to Manila. We ended our quick trip with a refreshing cup of Happy Lemon and promised ourselves to return in busy Hong Kong.



7 thoughts on “Fast-paced Hong Kong”

    1. Ours was too short. We’ll definitely go back too and I’ll make sure we’ll stay for at least three days.

      Travel with her. I’m sure it’ll be fun. πŸ™‚


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