That Double-Decker Bus

When I was planning our Hong Kong itinerary, I excitedly included an item in our to-do list: ride a double-decker bus.

Back in the 80’s, double-decker buses plied the roads of Manila, Philippines. I did not have the chance to ride any of these buses. I searched over the net and found some pictures:




So when we were in Hong Kong, I gladly sat on the upper level of a double-decker bus. Nothing spectacular; I just had a good view of the Lantau Bridge and the rest of the city. It was fun!

Why Manila stopped having these double-decker buses still puzzles me. Oh well, Manila has tons of work to do.


3 thoughts on “That Double-Decker Bus”

  1. i had a chance to try the double deck bus in metro manila a long, long time ago (oops.. revealed my age, ha ha ha). other than that, it was only in singapore that i’ve tried it. oh yeah, sydney has their double deck trains though πŸ™‚


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