Hong Kong Ngong Ping 360: Cable Cars, Kung Fu and The Giant Buddha

We only had less than 48 hours to explore the vibrant city of Hong Kong. That is a very short time considering that Hong Kong has a lot to offer besides shopping centers. Since we are not really fond of shopping, we opted to try Hong Kong’s Ngong Ping 360.

Located at Lantau Island, Ngong Ping 360 was developed to be one of Hong Kong’s major tourist attractions. For a more exciting experience, we hopped onto a Ngong Ping Cable Car at Tung Chung instead of taking a bus. It took us a little less than 30 minutes to reach Ngong Ping, enough to enjoy the view of the Hong Kong International Airport as it passes through the Tung Chung Bay, the grassy Ngong Ping plateau, and the imposing Tian Tan Buddha Statue.

Hazy view of the Hong Kong International Airport from a Ngong Ping 360 cable car
Ngong Ping 360 cable cars pass through the Tung Chung Bay
Hiking is possible on the slopes of Lantau
The Tian Tan Buddha Statue is seen here as the cable car reaches Ngong Ping Terminal.

Ngong Ping village was brimming with energy when we arrived; a Kung Fu exhibition complete with martial arts equipment and oriental music was at play, delighting locals and tourists alike. I’ve read on a site that these street performances vary from acrobatic shows to juggling performances. They gave a short kung fu session to some visitors after their show.

Kung Fu exhibitionists cooling down after a fired up show
Teach us, Master

Further into the village, one will find the giant Tian Tan Buddha Statue sitting on a lotus towering over Ngong Ping. Visitors can climb the stairway for a closer look of the Buddha. This is open from 10am to 5:30pm.

“All that we are is the result of all that we have thought.” – Buddha

Ngong Ping Village has other attractions that is worth your time.

  • Walking with Buddha – A multimedia experience narrating the life of Siddhartha Gautama
  • Monkey’s Tale Theater – Learn about the Monkey’s Tale through a computer animation show set upon a courtyard
  • 360 Sky-Land-Sea Day Pass – Explore Lantau from Tai O fishing village to Pui O and Cheung Sha beaches.
  • Ngong Ping Garden Restaurant – Satisfy your Chinese food craving here
  • Linong Tea House – Enjoy a cup or cups of tea from the founder of the Artistic Flower Tea
  • Village Shopping – Walk through some shops to simulate a museum visit

Allot one whole day for maximum enjoyment of Hong Kong’s Ngong Ping 360. Add another if you fancy a Lantau Outdoor Experience. Click here to learn more.


6 thoughts on “Hong Kong Ngong Ping 360: Cable Cars, Kung Fu and The Giant Buddha”

    1. Thanks Doc. You should go back to Hong Kong and ride the crystal cabin of Ngong Ping. No need to worry. Airplanes fly higher than cable cars. πŸ˜€


  1. Hi, I plan to go to Ngong Ping soon because I want to see kungfu exhibitions. would you know if there is/are specific time/s they perform? — Thanks!


    1. Hi Rens! I don’t have the schedule of their performances. Maybe you can check the Ngong Ping website or the Hong Kong Tourism website. Hope that helps. Thanks! πŸ™‚


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