Hong Kong Food

Who doesn’t love food? It’s a basic necessity and going a little overboard sometimes (aka food trip) is just satisfying your craving for good taste, right?

Going on a short trip to Hong Kong and wandering around the whole time can take its toll on your tummy. I wouldn’t buy McDonald’s or Burger King; those are emergency food. (Emergency. When every food establishment has closed.) It wouldn’t hurt to explore what is locally offered and besides, it’s part of the adventure!

Below are some of what I had in Ngong Ping Village and around Tsuen Wan. Definitely satisfying and worth the Hong Kong Dollars.

Big and tasty sausages with yummy chicken
Hong Kong’s fish balls are heavy and can leave you full for hours
Hawker food can be the most satisfying in Hong Kong

There is also fun in trying out an authentic Hong Kong eatery where English is hardly used. I ordered beef wanton noodles, pork siomai, and something I saw on the other table.

I hope Chowking can replicate this Hong Kong beef wanton noodles.
Surprise! Pork siomai (left) and what I would like to call Chinese bulalo (right).
What’s the name? The Chinese ‘No English’ Restaurant

And how about this food stall along a busy alley on a night market? We’ll never know until we try. Have fun eating!

No chairs? Stand-up-eating!

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