Boracay Island Activities

Boracay, named 2012 World’s Best Island by Travel + Leisure Magazine, hosts a number of island activities aside from the usual beach bumming, dining, and all-night partying. Happy Dreamland Boracay can guide guests for an adventure-packed day in the island.

What to do in Boracay

Drive an ATV – Jump start your early Boracay morning! Hop on an all-terrain vehicle and drive along the breezy road of Boracay. You don’t need to be a licensed driver to get the vehicle moving. It works like a bike and is easy to control. But if you think you can’t handle the small four-wheel bike, get a ride partner and hop on a buggy car.

Enjoy the view from Boracay’s highest peak – Hike a little to get to the highest point in Boracay Island. Savor the sight of white beaches and blue waters adorned with speedboats, kites and parachutes. You would probably need an ATV or a buggy car to get to the jump off point.

Visit Crystal Cave or Monkey Island – Boracay Island can host your first dive into the ocean. But as an appetizer, why not hop on a boat and snorkel in some of Boracay’s famous spots?

Helmet dive 25 feet below – Oh the craze of having underwater shots! Bonus if you can find Nemo. Divers will assist you on the entire duration of your helmet dive so no need to worry. Choose a helmet, be slowly pulled underwater, equalize pressure, and then smile for your souvenir pictures and video underwater. Lasts up to 15 minutes.

Ride a banana or a flying fish – Attached to a speedboat, bananas can get you drenched with sea water. Crazy if you are with your friends. But someone told me the flying fish is crazier.

Parasail – Conquer your fear of heights. Fly with a chute attached to a speedboat.

Zorb – Be a hamster for a few seconds! Roll downwards while inside a big plastic ball.

Kiteboard – This one needs skills. You can always try your hands on something new but be prepared physically as this sport can get really tough depending on the water and wind situation. You can get wiped out. Perfect for sports enthusiasts and adventure junkies.

Sailing – Cruise around Boracay Island with your loved ones. Can get romantic if you time it with the sunset.

Contact: Stewart (guide) – 0908 339 1533

Tip: Bigger group means lower individual cost.


6 thoughts on “Boracay Island Activities”

  1. Hi how much yung zorbing sa zorb park? i can’t see it kasi sa internet.. puro yung isa lang yung ride the zorb.. i want ung sa zorb park kasi with free shirt right? please email me.. thnks..


  2. Thanks for sharing! I will try to contact Stewart too. My family and I are going to bora this week, I am super excited! sana he can give us good deals on those fun activities 😉 God bless you and more power!


    1. Thank you! You can try telling Stewart that I referred him. I availed his service July 2012 and February 2013. Subok lang, but he really gives discounts. 🙂


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