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Spyder Surge: Answering the Call of Adventure: Marikina Cycling Event

Team Spyder, in cooperation with Marikina Bikeways and The Firefly Brigade, teamed up with some outdoor enthusiasts last Saturday, the 4th of August, through a cycling event dubbed “Spyder Surge: Answering the Call of Adventure”. Geared with some of Spyder’s fine collection of eye wear, helmets and jerseys participants cycled comfortably for more than 10 kilometers along Marikina’s bike trail. This is part of a series of events that aims to promote an active and healthy lifestyle in the Philippines. Watch out for upcoming Spyder activities through Facebook and Twitter.

With Spyder’s easy on the pocket, high quality sports gear, there’s no excuse not to be outdoors.


My cell phone’s alarm woke me at 4, marking the start of an exciting adventure. It was raining the night before; I remembered praying for sunshine over Marikina City for that day. I was going to be part of a cycling event and a heavy downpour would halt everything. Hurriedly, I got up and readied myself, including a mind over matter chant: “Sun is out, you’re ready to bike.”

Coming from the northern part of EDSA, I braved the cold bus temperature to reach Cubao. I was with two friends who are also joining the event. We met up with two more then hailed a cab that brought us to Marikina Bikeways Office.

I was pumped up when we finally got to the meeting place. Registration was ongoing; there were some participants sporting cool jerseys with matching helmets and shades. This is going to be fun, I thought. Then someone handed me the same set: black cycling jersey, helmet and shades. I was ecstatic.

When all was ready and geared up for the road, the floor was opened for three key persons who made the event possible. Mr. Sanjay Chatlani, Spyder Philippine’s Vice President for Marketing and Product Development, Ms. Mia Bunao of The Firefly Brigade and Ms. Carlota Contreras, Head of Marikina Bikeways. They talked about Spyder’s beginnings, its present undertakings and future developments, the clamor for more green spaces to support clean air, and the importance of city bike ways in disaster preparedness and in promoting a healthy lifestyle. Then, like a gun start from the heavens, light rain shower started to pour.

I firmly grasped the bike handles like a child learning how to balance a bike. I was a little wobbly, concerned about the wet road and the city traffic. Relax, I said to myself. I was slowly reacquainting my whole body to the wonders of biking; I haven’t biked outdoors for a long time. I was fighting the feeling of losing control, of being left behind. Just keep moving forward and keep your body aligned with the bike, I silently told myself. If you stick to this, you will not lose balance.

There is power in talking to oneself because as I fed my mind with words of encouragement, I found myself enjoying the moment instead of worrying about my balance. I started to appreciate the rain that kept me cool, the Marikina River that reminded me of Typhoon Ondoy, and the bike trail that works along with the main roads of Marikina City. Indeed, worry is useless.

We paused for a satisfying breakfast in Pan de Amerikana while rain pounded the city. We were comforted by the homey feel of the restaurant designed with a chess theme in mind. The group chattered heartily and when the rain relaxed to a light shower, we began pedaling back to base.

BALANCING ACT. That’s me, trying to ‘start’ my bike. Photo by Jun Reynales.

TEAM SPYDER. Ms. Mia Bunao (standing, far left), Ms. Carlota Contreras (standing, 4th from left) and Mr. Sanjay Chatlani (standing, 5th from left). From PTB (seated, from 2nd left): Darwin Cayetano|Tracking Treasure, Roman Leo Reyman|Dialogue with a Wanderer, Marky Ramone Go|Nomadic Experiences, Nel|Pasahera,  Angel Juarez|Lakwatsero.comRobx Bautista|The Travelling Dork, Kara Santos|Traveling-Up, and Francis Romero|Behind Thick Framed Glasses. Photo by Jun Reynales.



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