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The Dream Chaser

I have always been an active person, joining dance classes and participating in outdoor activities. Keeping a healthy lifestyle has always been a priority since my genes carry a strain of heart disease and diabetes. It was easier to maintain when I was still in school. Years after, I have to choose a sport that can easily fit into my schedule. Then I discovered running.

Just like a child excited to try a new activity, I jumped into the bandwagon of wellness enthusiasts. Running was a hit among city dwellers aiming to wash out stress and pollution of daily life. Fun runs sprouted like mushrooms; weekends were sweatier than ever before. It is a fun sport that only requires a good pair of running shoes, a proper running form and the determination to keep going.

Similar to other sports, running challenges you to defy your limits and be better than your last performance. So when I learned about TBR Dream Marathon early this year, I took it as a challenge and began setting my mind on finishing my first 42 kilometer run. I waited for the official announcement on the internet, religiously checking the TBR site and my Twitter timeline. And then it appeared.

Hoorah! I read the blog post with overflowing enthusiasm. This is what I have been waiting for and I am so determined to do it. But in an instant, my heart dropped like a hot potato at the sight of the marathon details.

I will be out of town on that date. Family comes first, so yeah, I’m letting it slip away.

So what is this post for?

Let this post be a note to myself that situations happen to add challenge and fun in chasing a dream; it is up to myself how will I react on it. Let this post be a reminder that dreaming never stops because of certain circumstances; dreams die when you let go of it.

And finally, while I wait for TBR Dream Marathon 2014, let this post mark the start of a new challenge – keeping a personal lifestyle blog, Nelly-Go-Round.


2 thoughts on “The Dream Chaser”

  1. Let me be the first to drop in comment. I shall congratulate you even come up with the idea of dreaming something as big as finishing a full marathon. That alone is already an achievement since most ppl would say a big NO even at the idea of running a fun run. Of course, dream doesn’t necessarily get fulfilled exactly at the time you want it. I believe you’ll find your way to fulfilling it soon. I shall offer you a good luck. πŸ™‚


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