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WWF Reverse Run 2012: I’m a Twitter winner!

It all started with a couple of tweets.

The run is for environmental awareness, a project of WWF Philippines. I strongly support their advocacy so I sent three replies thinking there’s nothing to lose in trying.

Days passed without me thinking consciously about the Twitter contest. I didn’t check the hashtag they used for the upcoming event. I wasn’t aware of any developments until WWF Philippines asked my email through Twitter saying they have a surprise for me. I was so giddy because 1) the thought of running a 6K race with a reverse run on the first few meters was exciting, 2) this is my first time to win a free race kit let alone a Twitter contest,Β  and 3) this can be one of my training before the Rexona Run. Having a chance for a photo op with WWF national ambassadors Rovilson Fernandez and Marc Nelson was an added bonus. Talk about luck!

And so it happened. I arrived at McKinley Hill, Taguig City a little past 0500 on September 09, 2012. Gun start for the 6K race was at 0540, I still had time to do some lunges and jumping jacks to at least warm up my cold, sleepy muscles. With the signal of the host, Marc Nelson, the 6K race started with a reverse run some meters until the official starting line. It was definitely fun! We may initially looked a little weird but the laughter it caused was priceless.

Photo from WWF Phlilippines’ Facebook Page

I got my pace after a few minutes, taking advantage of the downhills and relaxing a little on the uphills. McKinley Hill is not an easy track as Rovilson Fernandez said during the awarding ceremony. I have to agree, it was personally challenging. This was my first time to run this course and I think a 47-minute clock in was understandable.

Photo from Running Photographers’ Facebook Page

The post-race booth-hopping was equally fun. McDonald’s, Gardenia, and Big Chill provided morning nourishment. Skechers had free foot analysis. L Timestudio tempted me with discounted Soleus time pieces that comes with a cool dri fit shirt. Immuvit and Potencee gave vitamin samples. Other sponsors were Blue Magnet, Chris Sports, Buzz Drivers, Tully’s Coffee, BPI Foundation, Capri and Brandworx. It was a fun and energetic morning for all participants.

Once again, I would like to thank WWF Philipppines and their sponsors for organizing the Reverse the Bad (Reverse Run) event. I hope there’s another one next year.

With WWF Philippines Ambassadors Rovilson Fernandez and Marc Nelson, and Chichi the (Fit) Panda

Support WWF Philippines. Check out their website and Facebook page and follow them on Twitter.


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