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Rexona Run 2012: Outrun, Defy, Surpass

I still got a slight hangover from the WWF Reverse Run I joined last Sunday at McKinley Hill, Taguig City. This week has been a little down and crazy I just managed to do a 30-minute fast ride on the stationary bike. Quite inactive, I know. Rexona Run 2012 is fast approaching so this is not the right time to slack.

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In a couple of days I’ll be running 5K at the Mall of Asia Grounds. Rexona Run 2012 challenges runners to outrun, defy, and surpass themselves. 5K and 21K runners should finish the course in 30 minutes and 2 hours respectively. Aside from a sense of accomplishment, winners of this challenge shall receive a commemorative key chain that shall remind them how great their run was on the morning of September 23. That should be enough to motivate myself.

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