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PSE Bull Run 2013: Half Marathon Challenge

It’s been almost two weeks since the PSE Bull Run 2013 and I still smile every time I see the medal I got for running a half marathon. It was my first 21k run – an amazing test of mind power and physical endurance.

Training for a half marathon, like in any other sport, needs discipline and motivation. It can be difficult to change your waking time especially when it’s too cold to get out of bed. Reminding myself of the rewards after the run – good food and four hours of relaxing hydrotherapy at Ace Water Spa – did its magic.

I was nervous and excited at the same time the whole week before the run. Race day came and my stomach was trying to act up during the assembly. I just kept telling myself to relax, warm up with the other runners, and that’s just two 10-kilometer race plus 1km bonus. Mind over distance. Mind over distance. I was so brave when I registered, I prayed for that confidence on race day. Mind over distance. Mind over distance.

And then a bell rang, instead of a starter pistol, signifying the start of the race. That was cool, I thought, totally apt for the event since it’s the Philippine Stock Exchange who organized the run.Β  I wondered how they signify the start of a game in or if they make a joyful noise when somebody won. Hmm, random thoughts. They make good company during runs and distract you from focusing on your covered distance. I was surprised to learn I was in Makati already; the race started in Bonifacio Global City.

On the 20th kilometer I began holding back tears. Not because of physical pain but of jubilation. 21k is not a piece of cake. I took the challenge and there I was, waving to my supportive mother and friends at the last hundred meters of the race.

21k finisher
I’m a half marathon finisher! Photo by Manghusi Photoshop
Team RMC at the PSE Bull Run 2013
Congratulations, Team RMC! We did it!


Nel and Sherdon at the PSE Bull Run 2013
Next time we’ll stop for taho. On our first 42k maybe? πŸ˜€ Photo from Running Photographers

*Our sympathies to the family and friends of Sir Romel Defeo of Sigue Correr Runners.


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