Where to Eat in Puerto Princesa

Aside from the Underground River, Puerto Princesa takes pride in a number of local restaurants serving good food year round. Here are eight of them in alphabetical order:

Badjao Seafront – Hire a tricycle to get here, and make sure the driver waits for you until you are ready to return to the city center. It’s roughly 30 minutes away from Rizal Avenue, but the view and the food is definitely worth your time. Abueg Rd, Puerto Princesa City (048) 433-9912
Badjao Seafront, Puerto Princesa, Palawan

Baker’s Kitchen at Baker’s Hill – I suggest you end your city tour here so you may have a satisfying lunch or snack at the Baker’s Kitchen. Try their pizza, peppered beef tenderloin strips, seafood rice, and Milo dinosaur. Then take home some boxes of freshly baked hopia, choco crinkle, and cashew tart. Baker’s Hill, Puerto Princesa City, Philippines +63 48 433 4314

Milo Dinosaur, Baker's Kitchen, Baaker's Hill, Puerto Princesa
Milo dinosaur
Peppered Beef Tenderloin Strips, Baker's Kitchen, Baker's Hill, Puerto Princesa
peppered beef tenderloin strips

Balinsasayaw – Their bird’s nest soup is worth your money and they can serve it half their regular serving if you are dining solo. Delicious budget meals are available here; their grilled tuna is the best. Rizal Avenue, Puerto Princesa City (048) 434 5804Balinsasayaw Restaurant, Puerto Princesa

Bona’s – A popular Vietnamese food called chao long is served here. It’s a hot bowl of flat rice noodles with either beef or pork, cooked with atsuete, and topped with mint leaves andΒ  bean sprouts. Perfect with French bread and Yakult shake. Manalo Street, Puerto Princesa City

Chao Long, Bona's, Puerto Princesa
chao long, garlic bread, Yakult shake

Haim Chicken Inato – You can try Puerto Princesa’s version of tasty chicken inasalΒ here. It’s within the compound of a traveler’s inn so you may want to check out the accommodation as well. 294 Manalo Extension Pancaoz, Puerto Princesa City (048) 433 8595

Itoy’s Coffee Haus – The perfect, afternoon hangout place in Puerto Princesa. It’s across Balinsasayaw along Rizal Avenue. Must try: black forest frappuccino and chocolate moist cake. Mmm. Perfect. Rizal Avenue, Puerto Princesa City

Itoy's Black Forest Frappuccino
My kuya “endorsing” Itoy’s Black Forest Frappuccino πŸ˜€

KaLui – This restaurant is so popular you have to call for reservations before going. Most types of accommodations can do that for their guests so you can spend time tiring yourself the whole day and end it with a bountiful seafood dinner at the famed restaurant. It’s a big bahay kubo (thatched house) where you have to take off your shoes and enjoy the day’s catch. Make sure to order lato (sea grapes); it’s the perfect appetizer before taking the grilled blue marlin or stuffed squid. 369 Rizal Avenue, Puerto Princesa City (048) 433 2580

Lato, Ka Lui, Puerto Princesa
lato (sea grapes) – perfect appetizer

Kinabuchs – Get adventurous. Order any crocodile dish. After your meal, take your dessert to the next level. Order a plate of Kinilaw na Tamilok, take it straight with a chopstick (chewing not advisable), and then gulp cold beer. Good job! You’ve just earned yourself the “exotic food eater” badge. Rizal Avenue, Puerto Princesa City

Kinilaw na Tamilok, Puerto Princesa
kinilaw na tamilok


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