Cafe by the Ruins

Probably my most favorite place to have breakfast in Baguio City, Cafe by the Ruins stands still along Shuntug Road near Rizal Park, graciously serving local produce – organic coffee with balikutsa, chopped fresh fruits, and your choice of delectable Filipino meal. The ruins was once a garden theater, then converted as residence of the first American civil governor of Benguet. World War II ruined almost everything but the creativity and resourcefulness of the cafe’s pioneers –Β Christine Arvisu, Laida Perez, Ben Cabrera, Boy Yuchengco, David Baradas, Robert Villanueva, Louie and Su Llamado and Baboo MandoΓ±edo – brought life to Cafe by the Ruins. Now managed by second generation owners, it has continued to be a popular hangout in Baguio City – a place for great food, a venue for local artists’ works, and a site of local cultural performances.

Β Organic coffee and sliced fresh fruits

Bacon, egg, red rice

Mushroom omelette, red rice



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