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1st Culion Voluntourism Trip

I’ve been to Palawan a couple of times but all those trips were in Puerto Princesa only. So when an opportunity came to visit Culion, I signed up immediately.

I stumbled upon Kawil Tours on Twitter and learned about their passion for responsible travel. I think every one who travels must be responsible, but they have found a way to do it on a regular basis in Culion, an island in Palawan. Their tours benefit the local community in Culion; they are tapped as tour guides and cater guests’ meals.

Now they have leveled up in promoting responsible travel in the island as they host the 1st Culion VolunTourism Trip on October 18 to 20, 2013. They have prepared an exciting itinerary which includes snorkeling at some of the best spots in Palawan, Kawil fishing activity, and of course, picking up of trash along the way. It’s a clean-up trip in the first place. As Kawil Tours explained, the garbs float westwards courtesy of the prevailing wind system during amihan season.

So if you are still available on those dates, better get in touch with Kawil Tours now. If in case the slots are full already, you may want to inquire about upcoming trips to the island. Kawil Tours is in Facebook, Twitter and world wide web.


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