Alaska IronKids Run Race 2013: Inspiring Youth To Adapt An Active Lifestyle

In line with the celebration of World Milk Day, Alaska IronKids Philippines Run Race was held at the SM Mall of Asia grounds last June 1. Kids aged 6 to 14 ran 1k to 3k respectively. Personally, I was amazed and got inspired with the energy the kids showed that morning. I am not used to seeing young ones racing in an organized fashion; I just see kids play tag, that’s all, and it’s rare nowadays because of the available technology we have. Young ones are more inclined to just grab the nearest gadget available and play online, eyes focused on white screens. My congratulations to the parents and coaches of these Alaska IronKids for encouraging them to be active in sports like running, cycling, and swimming, and to Alaska for promoting an active lifestyle earlier in life. You’re not just teaching kids to drink milk; you’re also helping them become better human beings – humble, disciplined, and motivated.


Warming up before the gun start
Young teenagers racing for the gold


Supportive parents waiting for the gun start
Young runner playfully waiting for his category’s gun start


Alaska is for every child
Alaska IronKid finisher checks out his medal
Family having fun at the Alaska photo booth
Former professional basketball player Mr. Vince Hizon raises son Paul as the kid signs at the Alaska wall


Onstage: Coach Ani De Leon-Brown, Alaska’s E. Cow, and some Alaska IronKids podium finishers Offstage: supportive family and friends of Alaska IronKids

Until next year’s race, IronKids!


1 thought on “Alaska IronKids Run Race 2013: Inspiring Youth To Adapt An Active Lifestyle”

  1. You might be familiar with the sight of bicycles speeding past you as you sit in your car in a traffic jam on your morning commute that only seems to nudge forward a few inches an hour. You may also have seen a mountain bike hurtling through the open countryside, keeping their owners supple and fit.


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