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EXPLORAC Trail Run 2013

Ayala Land and R.O.X.’s EXPLORAC Trail Run gave me a break from my usual road race. It’s 11 kilometers of dirt and lahar, with an extra river trail and short rope segment. We even had the chance to be under the SCTEX bridge. It took me at least 2 hours to finish the race; I had so much fun taking pictures and filling my lungs with fresh air.

A portion of Mt. Pinatubo is within Porac, so it is amazing for Ayala Land to transform this once devastated area into an athlete’s playground. Such an honor to be part of EXPLORAC Trail Run, the first race organized in the area.

Below are some pictures from the race. I hope to return to Porac in the near future for a nice trail run session. Thanks again Ayala Land and R.O.X. for bringing outdoor enthusiasts to Porac, Pampanga.

explorac 2013

explorac 2013

explorac 2013
Care to run in lahar?
The SCTEX bridge in Porac, Pampanga

Taking it slow after the 8th kilometer

explorac 2013

explorac 2013
Water along the trail
explorac 2013
Surprised to see the rope segment! Who knew?!

explorac 2013

explorac 2013
Explorac not complete without a taste of Pampanga’s Pork Sisig!


Congratulations to the race winners!


2 thoughts on “EXPLORAC Trail Run 2013”

  1. Hi runner Nel,
    Its my first to set foot in Pampanga…Awesome scenery…at first I iniwasan kong mabasa paa ko sa river trail because of my rheumatism, as I progress I found out that there’s no way to avoid the water, I end up in the finish line barefooted!!!


    1. Hello πŸ™‚ It’s a diverse trail, good for training. I hope you had a great time in Explorac despite the river trail!


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