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Mizuno Run Academy 2013

Improve your running skills. Get yourself into Mizuno Run Academy. First session moved on October 26, 2013. Read more at

Mizuno Run Academy: Introduction to Trail Running
Coach Patrick Joson specializes in the biomechanics of movements. He is a certified ITU Level 2 coach and Pose Method instructor, the first in the Philippines. The module is a combination of lectures and practical applications that will equip you with a scientific and holistic approach to running and athletics on the trail.

Join the Mizuno Run Academy and interact with like-minded individuals who are determined to go beyond expectations and continue challenging themselves. Never Settle!

Session 1: The Pose Method by Dr. Nicholas Romanov
Technique simplification, elimination of injuries and full utilization of your physiological potential

Session 2: The Maffetone None-Method by Dr. Phil Maffetone
A style that will teach you how to take charge of your health and fitnessβ€”and succeed at it

Session 3: Introduction to Trail Running
In a nutshell, everything you need to know about trail running, from methodology to safety measures and proper gear

Session 4: 10K Graduation Trail Run

Come in full running attire.

– See more at:


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