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Try Out: World Balance Endure

I probably owned a pair of World Balance when I was younger since the brand has been making shoes since 1980. But I never had the chance to try one in my sport: running. Thanks to the good folks at World Balance I got hold of a pair again.

World Balance offers products that complement Filipinos’ active lifestyle. They have available footwear, clothes, and accessories for men, women, and children. For this product review, World Balance handed me a purple Endure for ladies included in their Sports Active Collection (Running and Cross-Training Shoes).

World Balance Endure comes in purple, blue, watermelon, and white. The purple Endure that I got to try is an eye candy. I haven’t seen the other colors in person but here are samples in pictures:

I tested the pair on a 10K run last Thursday and was not bothered in any way. It’s light and comfortable, and kept my feet cool. Its Terra-Soft Insole technology and full-length phylon provided the cushioning and lightweight experience. The microfiber breathable air mesh and padded tongue ensured a comfortable ride.

World Balance Endure allowed free foot movement. I could stretch up to my foot’s limit without any shoe discomfort. It moved according to terrain, letting my feet feel the ground, but provided a reinforced heel counter and support so I wouldn’t hurt my sole.

For a suggested retail price of PHP 1,499, it’s surely a good deal. What I would like to know next is the distance it can cover before it totally wears out. Well there’s only one way to find out. I’m gonna use the same pair of Endure on all my runs until it’s maxed out.


1 thought on “Try Out: World Balance Endure”

  1. thanks for this post. now we know that there is also an affordable and quality shoes out there that we can use for running. my only question is, same as yours, how much distance can it cover before it wears out. i’ll follow your next post for this shoes then.


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