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Brooks Run Happy 3: Cross Country Challenge: May 11, 2014

RH3 Poster

Last time I was in Tanay, I got home with sore butt and thighs. It’s a hilly course so when you think of Tanay as your next training ground, be prepared for a challenging but scenic route.

I said I’ll return to Tanay for hill training, and then here comes Brooks Run Happy with aΒ cross country challenge! Looks like I’m in for another spectacular race.

Register now for the Brooks Run Happy Cross Country Challenge happening on May 11, 2014. It’s going to be a mix of on and off road terrain. It’s in Tanay, Rizal. So it must be really good. Come on, get your body ready!

Race Categories

call times

Registration Sites
brooks run happy registration sites

Race Maps
brooks RH3 5k 0415

brooks RH3 10k 0415

brooks RH3 16k 0415

brooks RH3 24k 0415

Race Shirt
brooks run happy shirt

Perfect for trails! I’m excited to wear this!

Transportation and Hotel Accommodation
Runners could avail of the Transportation and Hotel Accommodation upon registration. For more details please visit

Race Kits
Race Kits are inclusive of race bib, race shirt, gloves, and whistle.
16k and 24k runners will receive a Fitletic Race Bib Holder on race day.
race kit

Medals and Prizes
Finisher’s medal will be given to 16k and 24k runners.
Brooks Run Happy 16k medal

Brooks Run Happy 24k medal

Top female and male finishers will get these:

Visit for more details.


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