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World Vision Run – June 22, 2014 – Run For Children

One of the best runs in the metro is happening on June 22 – the World Vision Run 2014.

World Vision has helped Filipino children since 1950’s. With the support of sponsors, they are able to respond to the needs of these poor children who are often the usual victims of poverty and typhoons.

World Vision Run is a run for children. For Filipino children distressed by natural disasters. For Filipino children needing financial support for their education. For Filipino children in cramped communities that need proper development. By joining this run, we help our young people develop and live full lives.

Register now for the World Vision Run and help raise funds for the next Filipino generation.

World Vision Run 2014
When: Sunday / June 22, 2014
Race Organizer: RunRio Inc.

Online – April 28 to June 8
In-store – May 15 to June 15

World Vision Run 2014 race inclusions

World Vision Run 2014 registration venues

Race kits may run out before last day of registration, so it may end earlier than the announced deadline.

Singlet size availability will be on a first come first serve basis.

All participants will use a timing device during the race.

World Vision Run Singlet

World Vision Run 2014 singlet

World Vision Run 2014 discount details

World Vision Run Finisher’s and Winner’s Medals

World Vision Run 2014 finisher medal

World Vision Run 2014 male winner medal
Medal for Male Top Finishers
World Vision Run 2014 female winner medal
Medal for Top Female Finishers

World Vision Run 2014 prizes

No cash prize will be given to the top finishers as proceeds are directed to World Vision’s funds.

World Vision Run 2014 gun starts

Assembly times and gun starts can be changed prior to race day. Please check race news outlets for any updates.

World Vision Run Route Maps

World Vision Run 2014 500m race map

World Vision Run 2014 3k race map

World Vision Run 2014 5k race map

World Vision Run 2014 10k race map

World Vision Run 2014 21k race map


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