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Enervon Activ Temple Run Digital Promo!

If you’re following me on Instagram (@neldeleon_), you probably came across this photo of my motivational project:

temple run enervon activ 42k goal

It’s my training plan for the upcoming Run United Philippine Marathon (RUPM) on October 5. I signed up for the 42k category.

I was set to run my first marathon in RUPM last year but due to some hindrances to training properly, I decided to just register for the 21k category. What hindrances are these, you may ask. I got sick a couple of times on the duration of my training, work piled up, and I had to attend to several family matters. There was no way I could jump back to training that easily, so I just had to let the chance pass. Now that RUPM 2014 is fast approaching, I just have to prepare better and get myself my first 42k medal. I should know better now.

I have to build my stamina with Enervon Activ, so I may keep training, and keep performing.

temple run enervon activ shot 1

Like most runners aiming for a strong RUPM finish, I have lots of duties to juggle everyday. There’s the 8 to 5 job, family responsibility, social life, personal time, and training. My mind can’t do all the work; my body should learn how to keep up. Good thing there’s good food, comfortable room for good night sleep, light moments with my loved ones, and energy supplement readily available. I now take Enervon Activ everyday to help me stay focused and energetic (effects of B-complex, Ginseng, and Royal Jelly), my immune system always up and ready against sickness (effects of Vitamins A, C,E, and Zinc), and my body ready for training and recovery thanks to better muscle control (effects of Mineral Sium 5X™ blended formula [Calcium, Iron, Magnesium, Phosphorus, Potassium]). If I stay faithful with this kind of routine, I shall be able to finish strong in my 1st marathon in RUPM.

And when I get to finish that race, what’s next? Maybe MOA and BGC can take a backseat. How about running in Angkor Wat International Half Marathon in Cambodia? Pretty cool!

temple run enervon activ contest logo

Unilab Active Health brings us the Enervon Activ Temple Run Digital Promo!

temple run enervon activ how to join

temple run enervon activ promo period and prizes

See that?! Enervon Activ is giving us a chance to run in Angkor Wat, CambodiaALL EXPENSE PAID! You just have to buy a promo pack of Enervon Activ from participating outlets, enter the promo codes found on the pack at this site, train smart, and pray that you win the digital promo! It’s that easy!

Read on for the full mechanics:
1.Promo is open to all Philippine residents of legal age.
2.Promo starts on Aug 1, 2014 and ends on Oct 31, 2014. Entries can be submitted up to October 31, 2014 only.
3.To join, purchase the Enervon Activ promo pack by 10’s from any participating drugstore, convenience store or supermarket account.
temple run enervon activ pack 1
4.Look for the digital code attached to the insert of the promo pack. This digital code serves as the promo entry. All digital code inserts should be kept for claiming purposes, in the event the digital code wins in the raffle draw.
temple run enervon activ leaf
5.Enter the following in the promo website at to be part of the pool of valid entries:

  • Digital code
  • Serial number
  • Official Receipt (OR) number of purchase of Enervon Activ promo pack

temple run enervon activ website
temple run enervon activ website 2
6.There will be winners monthly, which will be determined by electronic raffle every 1st of the month at 12nn. Winners will be announced on the Enervon Activ Facebook Promo Page immediately after the draw.

  • If date of raffle draw has to be moved due to unforeseen events, the draw will happen the following work day at 12nn.

7.Digital code can win only once. But all digital codes not yet drawn will still be part of valid entries until end of the promo.
8.Winners will be contacted through their indicated mobile number and email address instructing him/her on how to claim his prize. Winners will be emailed a notification email of their winning entry.

  • Winners will claim their prizes at 3F Unilab Corporate Center, Mandaluyong City from 9am-5pm on weekdays only.
  • No claiming on holidays.

9.Upon claiming, winners should present a valid ID, winner’s print out of notification email, and the winning promo pack with digital entry code as proof of purchase of the Enervon Activ promo pack.
10.Winners will have up to 30 days from receipt of the notice to claim their prize. If the winner lives outside of GMA, the winner can send an authorized representative to claim his/prize. Representative must present an authorization letter signed by the winner, valid ID, winner’s notification email and promo pack with digital entry code. If the winner fails to claim his prize within 30 days, the prize will be forfeited in favor of Enervon Activ with prior approval of DOH/FDA.

  • For the October winners, they must claim their wins on or before November 15, 2014 in order ensure completion of flight bookings, accommodations, and other logistical details.
  • In the event of a dispute, the DOH/FDA representative shall resolve the same, which decision shall be final.

11.Enervon Activ serves the right to use the photos of winners claiming their prizes to be used on the brand Facebook page for promo announcement purposes.
12.Employees of United Laboratories, Inc. and those of its affiliates, subsidiaries, distributors, dealers, suppliers, advertising, digital and promotional agencies, DOH-BFAD representatives, and their relatives up to the 2nd degree of consanguinity or affinity, are not qualified to join this promo.
13.By joining this promo, the participant warrants that he or she is capable and healthy to travel and that he or she assumes full and complete responsibility in the prizes that he or she may receive, including during the travel itself. The participant if he or she wins, hereby waives, releases and forever discharges the promo organizer from any claim of whatever nature upon receipt of the prize. Participant acknowledges that the promo organizer shall not in any way be responsible for the winner while he or she is travelling. This promo is not valid for minors.
14.All-expense paid trip involves the following only:

  • Flight to and from Angkor Wat, Cambodia from the Philippines (Dec 6-7)
  • Overnight accommodation (Dec 7)
  • Registration for the race (Dec 7)
  • Meals, including Special Cultural Dinner

15.For inquiries, email
16.DOH-FDA-CDRR Permit No. 164 s. 2014.
17.See digital print ads and posters for more details.

temple run enervon activ shot 2

Come on, you wouldn’t want to miss this chance, right? Go get that Enervon Activ promo pack, enter the digital codes on, and train for that international half marathon. Who knows, you might just win an ALL EXPENSE PAID TRIP TO CAMBODIA!

I hope I win. I have never set foot outside the Philippines for a running event. It’s a brand new experience, and it’s definitely going to give my running life a breath of fresh air! Metro Manila running events will always be available – it’s in my home country! The opportunity to experience running around a World Heritage Site outside the Philippines is rare. Grab it now. Get lots of Enervon Activ promo packs, drink one everyday for a better you, and join the Temple Run digital promo!


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