0440 mind burst

When life gets busier, everything seems to get in the way, and I lose focus. I forget tasks that need to be accomplished, get tired easily, and feel so cranky and frustrated. I end up doing so little. I need to get outside, refresh myself, and take a reboot. Or maybe I have been outside for too long and too often?

Maybe I need to look into my food. What have I been taking to nourish myself? Maybe food has also something to do with this. Maybe I’m not getting the proper nutrition to keep myself balanced. Or maybe I need to fix myself. Or maybe both. Or maybe I am just hungry.

I need direction. I need to stop and refocus. Who am I? What roles do I play? What needs to be done? Do I owe anyone anything?

We all need excitement in our lives. But too much excitement can get us derailed. Look at me. I got too excited with my life, committed myself to so many things, and ended up with nothing. What was I thinking? That I am super?

This is a mind burst. I don’t know if there is such a phrase – a mind burst – and I am not going to check the dictionary for it. I just feel I had so much to carry that I need to drop everything. And then pick them all up one by one, this time with focus.


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