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Why I missed TBR Dream Marathon 2016

2am. 21 February 2016.

I am sitting at the lobby of Hotel Supreme in Baguio City now while my TBR batchmates are all in Nuvali about to run a marathon. Why? What happened?

Oxygen, p’re. Rakenrol.

This happened. Not today, but a few months back.

I was running along Victoneta Avenue as part of my training for The Bull Runner Dream Marathon and was feeling happy and sweaty until I reached home. I suddenly felt a burning sensation on my face and I had difficulty breathing. I thought I was overheating and got into the shower. After a few minutes, I shouted for help. I saw my reflection on the bathroom mirror — my face was all red and swollen and I was already breathing through my mouth. Mama rushed me to MCU Hospital.

They gave me antihistamines and said it might be caused by pollen. I told them I have allergic rhinitis triggered by dust and strong odor. They told me to rest.

After a week, I tried running again but this time, along the streets of our neighborhood. I had to cut it short because of breathlessness and swollen eyelids. Mucus was building up in my nose too.

I decided to see a doctor — a pulmunologist — and there heard the most heartbreaking news a runner could receive.

You have exercise-induced asthma. Pollution is getting worse. Stop running muna. 

I almost cried in the doctor’s office.

To run the TBR Dream Marathon has been my dream as a runner since 2014. I signed up for TBRDM 2015 — work got in the way. Now that I have the time to train for TBRDM 2016, I got the most frustrating disease I could imagine. Exercise-induced asthma. Ha! Incredible!

So what did I do after that trip to the doctor? I got under preventive maintenance and focused instead on work. I added nutritional supplementation as advised by the doctor to help my body get better.

As of today, I have zero asthma attacks for over a month now. I am slowly getting back into the sport — I am running at Camp John Hay on Monday morning and planning to have some Tsokolate Batirol after.

This TBR Dream Marathon may have been elusive, and expensive (imagine having to register twice and not able to run either of it) but one thing is for sure. I have only one life, so it is just right that I prioritize my health over any marathon. For sure there will be a TBR Dream Marathon 2017. Siguro naman makakatakbo na ako diyan nang maayos ang paghinga, ‘no?


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