Backlogs and adjustments: Four Feet Out is back!

We just hit a major milestone in our lives that everything, including this blog, seemed to be put on hold. We recently got married.

DSCF1610.jpg copy for blog
Just got married! Photo by Chito Cleofas


Moving into our own space and figuring out a schedule for all household tasks was exciting and exhausting at the same time. Good thing we tried travelling and multiday camping together before we tied the knot — we already had an idea on how the other will cope through it all.

So after three months of trial and error, we would like to think we somehow got the right flow for us. Of course there will be some fine tuning along the way but for now, we are enjoying the current state of things.

Except for our blog. Well, this has always been a work in progress. Soon you will see something about the following items here:

1. Mizuno Wave Enigma 6 – a highly-cushioned shoe for neutral runners,
2. Milestone Pod – that tiny thing you can put on your shoe to track sports-related activities,
3. Anytime Fitness Maginhawa – launching of the most accessible fitness center (in our opinion), and
4. Powerman Duathlon – launching of one of the most anticipated duathlon race in the country.

And AMCI climbs. And race launches. And many more. Ha!

Let’s all hope we can manage this much better. 😀

Gotta go to the supermarket,
Don and Nel


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