We’ve been waiting for this, Easy Grocery.

easy grocery 1

I will be forever amazed at how technology brings convenience.

I had the chance to try Easy Grocery last week, the latest mobile app which allows consumers to purchase their grocery items online and have them delivered to their preferred address.

This is how the app looks like:

easy grocery 2

easy grocery 3

My wife even sent screenshots of items from the app. Fail-proof grocery shopping!

easy grocery 4

easy grocery 5

easy grocery 6

easy grocery 7

Nel and I spend an average of one hour to finish a week’s worth of groceries. That means four hours in four weeks. We can spend that time doing other things instead of queuing in long payment lines.

Easy Grocery also has a working customer service system. Look at the following screenshots:

easy grocery 8

easy grocery 9

And how do you receive your groceries? Through Easy Grocery trained staff!

easy grocery 14

easy grocery 12

Easy Grocery only charges a flat rate of 100 pesos for the service fee per order and
another 100 pesos for the delivery fee. It is now available in its three pilot areas — Makati, Parañaque and Taguig — and hopes to add more cities in the coming months.

Easy Grocery can eventually change how we buy our groceries. Look at online stores that offers clothes, accessories, shoes, and electronics. Even airline tickets can be purchased online. E-commerce brings convenience and this technology can be helpful to anyone who feels like there is so much to do with very little time. That’s like almost every working person I know.

For more information, you may contact or check

You may also follow Easy Grocery on Facebook @easygroceryapp or Instagram @easygroceryph. #EasyGroceryPH #GroceryMadeEasy


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