Gondola Ride at The Venetian Macau

Erwin and I wanted to see the pandas of Macau, but Papa wanted to ride a gondola with Mama. We could have easily gone on our own but it was Papa’s first international trip so we skipped the pandas.

I only considered this option on how to go to The Venetian, Macau, as suggested by the Filipino guard at the church in Senado Square:

1) From Rua do Dr. Pedro Jose Lobo ( Senado Square), take the free Galaxy Macau shuttle bus that stops at, well, Galaxy Macau.

2) Transfer to the bus that says The Venetian. And then you’re there.

Macau free shuttle to Taipa
You can also ride this City of Dreams Shuttle but I don’t know where they pick-up guests.


Macau free shuttle from Venetian to Galaxy

*The free shuttle bus terminals of Galaxy Macau and The Venetian transports visitors to almost any points in Macau, including the international airport and seaport.

The free ride took roughly 15 minutes. It’s like a free, short city tour, passing along Macau Tower, which we didn’t visit because of time constraints. And because we are with the parents. You know…bungee jumping… They may not be able to handle the tension.

Macau tower from inside the bus

I was expecting a natural setting for that gondola ride in Macau but we were directed to the third floor – or second – of The Venetian. I didn’t see the canal first. What I saw was a huge crowd, most of them gazing upwards. The ceiling was designed like a real sky, creating an open space illusion, and it was forever lit I don’t know what time it suggests. There was no sense of time in that area (or in the whole building because aren’t casinos supposed to NOT tell time?).

Macau The Venetian

Macau The Venetian panorama

For 118 HKD per adult, Papa and Mama sailed on a man-made waterway (that looked like a swimming pool but worked its magic when a gondola passed through) for about 12 minutes with a Korean couple, and a Filipina gondolier who belted out 2 songs perfectly.

Macau The Venetian gondola

I ran a couple of times along their way as I tried to capture a romantic once-in-a-lifetime gondola ride that made my Papa cry tears of joy. The price was worth it.

The pandas can wait.


Stay Here: The Linden Suites

The much needed break from all the hassle urban living can give me presented itself in a form of an overnight stay at The Linden Suites in Ortigas, Pasig City.

The Linden Suites, Ortigas
Picture taken using a Blackberry. Pentax still in the ICU at the time of stay.

I got to share this nice and spacious suite with blogger friend Chyng Reyes who tucked in early in the master’s bedroom. I, on the other hand, spent the night in this double bed room. I had to keep the lights on to stop myself from imagining extraordinary roommates. That helped, along with the fresh-smelling comforter and sheets.

The Linden Suites
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The Linden Suites is situated along San Miguel Avenue in Ortigas City, surrounded with business establishments and malls. I think it is the perfect choice of accommodation for business travelers because 1) it is easily accessible by train, bus, taxi, or private vehicles, 2) it is near banks, convenience stores, and shopping centers, and 3) it has hotel facilities and amenities that would cater to almost anything you need. Families and group of friends will find The Linden Suites a good

Guests could choose from six types of rooms depending on how many persons are going to stay.

The Linden Suites Rooms
Screen grabbed from

The Linden Suites has its own Health Club with membership options. It has a gym, indoor heated pool, Jacuzzi, sauna, and massage rooms. It also has a business center offering Secretarial and Courier Services. They provide workstations, meeting rooms, office suites, and even a boardroom.

For dining options, there’s Mesclun Restaurant & Café offering intercontinental menu for breakfast, lunch, and dinner.

It’s difficult not to enjoy this overnight experience at The Linden Suites specially when you’re with some fun blogger friends. Many thanks to the people responsible for making this happen.